Cosmic Kundalini Reiki

Cosmic Kundalini Reiki

The Cosmic Kundalini Reiki attunements aim to work with cosmic energy through your etheric and physical bodies to strengthen and adjust the flow of the Kundalini energy which is more refined.


It aims to help to reopen and strengthen your Kundalini pathways and allow Cosmic Kundalini energy to flow through your Kundalini pathways and connect you with Universal energy.


Also, it allows you to use your intention to focus the purpose of the energy making this system wonderful for personal development. It is for this reason the Cosmic Kundalini Reiki is very good at working towards goals in addition to Kundalini awakening, raising your vibration and psychic development.


This system does require focused intention and effort and should be used regularly to maximise results. Cosmic Kundalini Reiki has three attunements, one per level.


These attunements are founded by Tawan Chester but you will be attuned by Ryan Beeney

  • Functions Included In Attunement


    • Kundalini rising and strengthening.
    • Personal development and manifestation.
    • Psychic development.
    • Vibration raising.