Cosmic Caduceus Reiki

Cosmic Caduceus Reiki

The Cosmic Caduceus Reiki attunement aims to help you to return to a state of oneness and realigns your mind, body and spirit. It aims to work with you to bring about positive results in your life.


Cosmic Caduceus Reiki has five levels, each with an attunement. It works throughout and across the dimensions to bring about lasting change.


Level 1 - Shedding of old views and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Level 2 - Creates an etheric network for energy transfer.

Level 3 - Ignite the energy of the staff.

Level 4 - Ignite the energy of the serpent.

Level 5 - Synchronised flow of energy between body, time and space.


This attunement is founded by Tawan Chester but you will be attuned by Ryan Beeney