Activation Of The Labyrinth

Activation Of The Labyrinth

The Activation Of The Labyrinth attunement aims to activate the energies associated with the Labyrinth. The primary purpose of working with the energies of the Labyrinth is to take you on a profound inner journey of self-discovery, where you may find a connection to the divine energy and regain a sense of peace, balance and clarity in your life.


Labyrinths are known to be ceremonial pathways, symbolic of life’s journey which have been used as powerful meditation tools by different cultures for thousands of years. A Labyrinth may be seen as a circuit which may help you to access and work with your right side brain which is associated with intuition, creativity and imagery. Depending on the type of a Labyrinth, they may also help with working, healing and cleansing the seven major chakras and finding your true path and purpose in life.

You will be given information on how to accept and use these energies once the attunement has been prepared for you.


The Activation Of The Labyrinth works very well alongside the Activation Of The Medicine Wheel and the Activation Of The Shaman attunement.


This attunement is founded by Lisa 'Ladywolf' Center but you will be attuned by Ryan Beeney.