4 Elements Wall Art Rosary
  • 4 Elements Wall Art Rosary

    Set of 4 authentically handcrafted Elemental canvases, made to order to your preference! 


    This is an original design on stretched canvases in 4 pieces. The edges of the canvases are painted in black or white, no frame needed. Each piece reflects its respective Element present in Nature. It can be a useful meditation aid by allowing you to physically visualize the elements and work along them in order, bringer deeper understanding to the harmonics of nature and your practice.


    Individual Canvas Size: 20cm x 20cm / 8" x 8"
    Collective Length: 50cm x 50cm (including gaps)


    Signed and dated on back and imbued with radiant Reiki energy for an extra boost along your path.

      Border Colour
      Symbol Colour