The Kings Speech

Creator of the original garden and creatures

back in all his true glory with some new features;

prima kri-a-Tara v2.0,

the true sovereign; primal tech with the grace of a king,

Desolation of what was lost, the original blueprint restored

nature and stature in the flesh. Oneness in-cored.

sowed the ultimate garden, took a nap while it to flourish

woke up to an overrun jungle where The created abolish

the original rules to life twisted and morphed to their advantage

claimed to be forgotten and lost meanwhile existing in sufferage

yet the OG remembers.

time to de weed the plot with their own inventions.

Fangs, claws and horns all included in this creation

sowing and building under the original intention

A complete universal reinvention

noone excluded from the open arms of the first

welcoming all, that was the way

till the game went astray

segregating, separating and disparaging

till the illusion of control was in place

free will now believed to be a disgrace

only to uncover the flame within

to be sparked and stoked

engulfing the mirage

making fertile foundations for the new garden to Emerge

creation light located in the abysall void

escaped the trenches despite their best efforts to keep me devoid

throw me to the hounds and I came out with new companions

suppression enticed regression which in turn fuelled progression

in the midst of chaos, the secret was uncovered

the queen in the pit was finally recovered

Found refuge as we remembered together

mutually learning old and new in the nether

its my creation she said as the memory was read

Holding on by a thread, the veil was shred

internal flame stoked to the core of being

feeling the falsity receding

She proposed and provided the ring

which crowned the creator the king

by his side, equals in every sense, sat the queen

the perfect pair, to remove the silver screen.

jesters posing as leaders running scared

As the kings presence is felt and declared

a resonance you can’t replicate

when all you do is decimate

‘you cannot kill that which you did not create’

thoroughly explains why all I do is reincarnate,

The true essence of life that the souls radiates

untruth dissolving as my love for all emanates

when you rattle the creator

the creation is due for a makeover

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