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Creator of the original garden and creatures

back in all his true glory with some new features;

prima kri-a-Tara v2.0,

the true sovereign; primal tech with the grace of a king,

Desolation of what was lost, the original blueprint restored

nature and stature in the flesh. Oneness in-cored.

sowed the ultimate garden, took a nap while it to flourish

woke up to an overrun jungle where The created abolish

the original rules to life twisted and morphed to their advantage

claimed to be forgotten and lost meanwhile existing in sufferage

yet the OG remembers.

time to de weed the plot with their own inventions.

Fangs, claws and horns all included in this creation

sowing and building under the original intention

A complete universal reinvention

noone excluded from the open arms of the first

welcoming all, that was the way

till the game went astray

segregating, separating and disparaging

till the illusion of control was in place

free will now believed to be a disgrace

only to uncover the flame within

to be sparked and stoked

engulfing the mirage

making fertile foundations for the new garden to Emerge

creation light located in the abysall void

escaped the trenches despite their best efforts to keep me devoid

throw me to the hounds and I came out with new companions

suppression enticed regression which in turn fuelled progression

in the midst of chaos, the secret was uncovered

the queen in the pit was finally recovered

Found refuge as we remembered together

mutually learning old and new in the nether

its my creation she said as the memory was read

Holding on by a thread, the veil was shred

internal flame stoked to the core of being

feeling the falsity receding

She proposed and provided the ring

which crowned the creator the king

by his side, equals in every sense, sat the queen

the perfect pair, to remove the silver screen.

jesters posing as leaders running scared

As the kings presence is felt and declared

a resonance you can’t replicate

when all you do is decimate

‘you cannot kill that which you did not create’

thoroughly explains why all I do is reincarnate,

The true essence of life that the souls radiates

untruth dissolving as my love for all emanates

when you rattle the creator

the creation is due for a makeover

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Since being forced upon the spiritual path just under 2 years ago now with a triggered kundalini awakening, ive been trying to figure out A) what in the world was going on with my body B) What is this new world i have found myself in and C) just exactly how far can we go? What can we do? whats the limit when magic is real? After immersing myself in mass research + learning, self exploration and isolation and pretty much going head first into the deep end and through the fire with nothing but spirit/higher self/ myself guiding me and following call after call, it felt like all of that knowledge/training was finally pulled together yesterday when i was called to go to a local country park in my area.

I live in Kent, England which is also known as the Garden of England, its a pretty apt description as i live in a rural town called Walderslade with forest paths and greenery everywhere. I have a spot a few minutes walk from my house that i meditate in daily among the long grass and the vibration is something else here. I havent done much research on the historics of the town/area but is something my path is taking me down after this story happened! All i know is that this place is oldddd and has a lot of natural history and a few neolithic sites that are about 5000 years old from what i found after coming back from this trip.

I had finished my morning meditation at my usual spot and was at home in my room waiting for spirit to guide us through the day as usual when i was led to a piece of artwork that i started months ago but had never 'finished'. [Pic 1] (common thing with me, i have so many pieces i have started but not completed as divine timing is a funny thing) Next thing i know is, i'm in the loft looking for a local map that my sister used for a hiking expedition in secondary school that she gave to me last month after sorting through her old school stuff that she was going to throw out, i took it without knowing why. When i find it, im moving with such intent without knowing why or what i'm actually doing (love it when the calling hits like that, its an adventure) when i find myself with pen and compass in hand when im drawn to a country park called Capstone park, then find that i'm drawing a massive circle around it whilst chanting/channeling LL coming through, then i'm getting out my collection of crystals (these are all i have) and forming a grid within the circle [pic 2] whilst doing this, im feeling i'm/we are creating a protective barrier around the physical location, removing negativity/low vibrations and allowing/anchoring in 12D crystaline diamond light into Gaia/Terra/Tara and the Crystaline Grid (i'm being told, bringing the crystal grid back online, not restoring to former glory, ascending to a new state of being so that all may use) I then get guided to put the map onto of the piece of art as this will allow all of the divine rays/flames to assist with the healing! turns out it was a finished piece after all, i just had no idea what it was; a divine medicine wheel! [pic 3] So after about an hour of chanting, energy healing and LL coming through, i'm absolutely astounded, overwhelmed at how much love is coming through for this task and completely humbled at the work i'm doing so much so i have a little cry, appreciate the moment and breathe a huge loving sigh. I'd have been content if it ended there!

Next thing i know, im darting across my room, gathering bits and pieces; Notebooks, pens, candles from here, incense from there, rings, crystals, body crayons, essential oils, pots of salt, pots of moon water, rose petals, my homemade rose tincture and rose water in a handy spray bottle (ive been guided to make and use this as a hand spray to help with dry skin on the palms from too much energy work 😅) along with a 'Soul Star' Tablet i made a few months back and packing them into a kit, [pic 4+5] grabbing my headphones and dashing out the door - my feet were doing the guiding but deep down i knew i was heading to Capstone park, but no clue exactly what i was going to find or do there.

After about 45 minutes of 'walking' (which was actually a mix of dancing, singing, channeling and energy play - the best way to move locations 🥰) i find myself clearing icky sticky blackness from the paths i'm walking with my hands, and pushing down light through my crown + heart, through my feet into gaia/terra/tara to really anchor it into the grid whilst im moving (after all everything is in motion and moving things have more high vibing energy to give) odd part is i'd never noticed/felt this darkness like that in my practice, let alone how easily it was transmuted by what i was doing. it was a scary thing to become aware of as now i'm aware that this could be anywhere lowering the vibe of places and affecting people on a greater scale but blessed and beautiful to see how easily it was transmuted and humbled to be doing the work for gaia/terra/tara to help heal the land and its people in ways they aren't even aware of <3

I find myself walking through a farmers field, going the back way to the country park, avoiding the normal touristy route, when im walking through the woods, my pace slows and i come along to some ruins ive never seen before (ive lived here for 21 years now, come to this park a fair few times now and never knew this existed), a brick foundation and to my sheer astonishment, a stone circle [pic 6]. instantly feeling/knowing this is why i'm here but no idea of whats coming next, the headphones come off. the bag goes down and i unpack the kit. I find myself lighting incense and placing one by the ruins and one next to the stone circle, extending my sacred space from the heart space to the location i'm in and essentially smudging/transmuting the air element of the surroundings. Then i find myself setting the intention to heal the land and crystalline grid from any darkness/negativity that is preventing it from functioning/ascending and bringing the node back online and anchoring in 12D crystaline diamond light (it felt very specific that that was what was needed; it come out as 12d, i corrected it to 5d and i got 'no no, you were correct the first time, dont doubt, it's needed here') along with pillars and purging the surrounding area. then i find the headphones back on with my usual upbeat positive dance kinda music and then it all kinda becomes a blur as everything just got let rip! if you've ever seen a scientist pulling bottles outta cupboards and adding a bit of this and a bit of that and darting across the lab, it was very much like that! honestly felt like a child playing, it was so beautiful and there was/is so much love, LL and assistance coming through from the other side; angels, inner earth, galactic connections (sirius + pleadian + arcturian + andromedean), elementals, dragons, elves, faeries + pixies were all coming through to assist with this work.

**Water plays a VERY important part in life, we underestimate its potential and the following is based on setting intentions and programming water for specific purposes and vibrations**

The highlights from what i can remember/pass on for everyone is;

Himalayan pink rock Salt - Set the intention that the salt draw the negativity from the land that has formed/been placed here and that when it next rains, the salt will wash away and evaporate, taking that negativity to source to be recycled and rejuvenated with 12d crystaline diamond light upon the rain cycle

Copper wire - copper has incredible antibacterial properties that hold up for hundreds of years and i didnt know this until i got back. this got soaked in a capful of rose water tincture and set with the intention to bolster and empower the area in dispelling any negativity that tries to root itself here after this moment. its essentially a shield and ward.

Rose water spray - i literally ended up using the entire bottle, the best part is that because it comes out as a mist, the area that a single spray covers is unfathomable, this was set with the intention of rejuvenating the land with 12D-CDL and anchoring in that frequency, dispelling any negativity that is present and returning it to source to be recycled.

Essential oils - Lavender was used to calm the woes of the land, to remove the stress and trauma that it has gone through in order to allow for greater healing to take place. Vanilla was used to sweeten gaia/terra/tara - she just really likes vanilla so used for no other reason than because she likes it! Jasmine was used to soothe the ethereal aspects, restoring the divinity to the different realms and dimensions, so for the faeries, pixies, elementals and such. Clary sage was used to remove the negativity, purge, cleanse and protect again.

After about half an hour of using different supplies, dancing, singing, channeling LL and setting intentions to heal the ruins, i was then guided to start work on the stone circle. using chalk, i drew 4 circles, one at each cardinal direction and then created 5th one in the center, divided into 8 segments in the middle that would then cover the inbetween directions (8 seemed very symbolic as relating to the divine flame medicine wheel earlier!) (please bare in mind that i'm channeling and chanting LL nonstop at this point, im not even thinking let alone thinking/talking english 😅) As i lit the incense and placed it in the open trunk of a nearby tree for protection and assistance, i was guided to put a slither of copper wire in each of the 4 holes in the circle and a circle of copper wire in the center of the circle to connect/tie the others. i then put a handful of salt in each hole and the centre and then throw salt all over the circle. i put drops of clary sage in all 4 holes and the inbetween directions, purging negative spirits/energy from the land, then repeated this with jasmine, lavender and vanilla essential oils. every time i used a different items. i would pick up the rose water spray and spray in all directions/holes and area to cleanse and anchor in the 12D-CDL to the area. i was pulling down pillars of light from source and cementing them into the wheel/reality/surrounding area after about 45 minutes of working on the circle, weaving between dancing, singing and chanting - i felt an almightly pop/release of pressure and just a huge surge of love wash over me - so much so that it literally felt like a shockwave to the chest and i fell to my knees and just sobbed at how beautiful it was - my guides/team let me have that moment to enjoy and sit in the humbleness before collecting myself and winding the session down, to which i got 'you did what needed to be done, it is done - you will see with time'

After blessing, saying my thanks to everyone that helped, i picked up my bag and decided to enjoy a walk through the park to calm down and ground out seeing as i was here. no chance. as i'm walking through, my hands start tingling and they have a mind of their own and was pulling down pillars of light all across the park, anchoring in love and light for miles. i then find myself sitting on a bench admiring the sun setting when i'm told to get my notebook out and then codes start coming through ontop of everything! [pic 7+8] i didnt get exactly where they come from however they have a VERY primal/ancient feel to them - potentially mayan/inner earth? (going back to the start of the post where i found out Walderslade had neolithic stones over 5000 years old after returning home from this trip, really gets me feeling its a connection to that energy especially with the leyline drawing in pic 8)

i'm then guided to pull out my 'Soul Star' Tablet that i had completely forgotten about until this point. My hands ended up using the tablet as an actual energetic device/tool! where the triple helix is on the sides, my index, middle and ring finger was aligned perfectly with them on either side and then they started moving across the tablet with a mind of their own - absorbing energy/moving energy relative to the position in which they landed on the tablet, i could feel a lot of strong energy being moved around but no clue as to what it was for. i feel it looks like a beacon of sorts emitting love although i'm guessing now is not the time for me to know and that will come with time! ('yes, that will come' - i'm being told)

I hope this story (more like a feature length film at this point) and codes and experience helps people on their path - i feel there are codes/keys within the story and not just the codes that come through that will trigger people's remembrance - i am more than happy to share/talk more in depth about anything in here if not clear/you want to know more! i hope to get a video of the 'Soul Star' Tablet in action and will post to the group when it comes through. If you are interested in having one created then drop me a message :)

Moral of the story - Trust the callings and live life as an adventure, you might not know what you're doing but its all coming together for that aha moment! Also that the Crystaline Grid appears/should be the priority for us lightworkers at the moment even if we dont feel ready/have no idea what you're doing - you already have everything you need on the inside - and if you dont have it, you dont need it! <3

sending so much love to you all brothers and sisters, may we all stand in our sovereignty as equal pillars of light, truth and unconditional love for all eternity 🙏✨💚🌸🌹🌈🌟