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About  me

My name is Ryan Beeney. I created Lightly Links to assist with the healing of the planet and its people and this takes many different forms - Planetary Grid-work, Channeling spoken Light Language frequencies, Creating encoded art transmissions and various healing modalities such as Reiki, Seichim + Quantum Healing and my own personal method that i am in the process of creating to be shared as a system for all to use in due course.


I was born in London, England and now reside in Walderslade, Kent; The garden of England. After the start of my spiritual awakening back at the beginning of 2017, it has been a journey of deeper self understanding - facing the dark night of the soul for 2 years until I experienced the Kundalini awakening at the beginning of 2019 that was triggered after another 3 days of severe trauma. It has been a wild ride since; shedding all which i am not, exploring the new world of energetics and living in a constant state of trust with the universe/source. I now feel it is time to fully step into the role of the Healer/Guide to offer my services and help as many people as possible step into their authentic selves, spark that inner fire and stand in their own sovereignty.


I have had strong intuition and psychic abilities from a young age and have always felt there was more to reality than meets the eye. I have always followed my heart and gut and after experiencing the Kundalini awakening without knowing what was happening, it catapulted me headfirst into the unseen realm. After receiving my Reiki attunement in early 2019, my gifts have expanded exponentially and my connection to source was activated, allowing my channel to come online and allow for light language, downloads, activations and transmissions from higher beings to come through and become anchored in this reality.


I am here to help the collective consciousness ascend into their highest selves and to help guide you as an individual on your soul path by providing the keys and links that you require to raise your frequency and to step into your sovereignty as the divine being of infinite love, light and truth that you are.


Infinite Love and Blessings 🙏✨💜 


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